(a)Spire Circles

(a)Spire Circles are small groups that usually meet in a participant’s home nearby or in some corner of our church building. The purpose of small groups is to 1) provide supportive community where group members share personal and prayer concerns and 2) provide space for faith formation (growing in faith/spirituality) through exploration of a topic, reflection on texts from the Bible and personal sharing.  Current (a)Spire Circles are below. See a list of other recent small groups below.

Finding God in Music

This group meets every other week and each time all group members bring a song they love related to the week's theme: "Song that Got you Through High School", "Guilty Pleasures", "Best Night Ever", and others. Also each week one member of the group shares a song that played an important part at a particularly difficult time. The group is meeting January thru March of 2016.

"Churching in the 21st Century"

This group will be co-facilitated by Timothy Murphy and another leader and will read through selections from the book Beyond Resistance: the Institutional Church Meets the Postmodern World by John Dorhauer. Like in other groups, participants will share their joys and concerns and pray for each other. The first gathering will be Friday April 8th at 6:30-8:30PM and will continue for 6 sessions every other week.

Other Recent (a)Spire Circles:

End of Life Issues & Faith: exploring issues related to the end of our lives. The group was facilitated by seminary intern Randy VanDeventer, who recently completed a chaplaincy intern in a Hospice setting and Devin Wiley, who is a medical student who recently completed his rotation in ERs and trauma centers. The group participants were hospice chaplains, hospice social workers, nursing students, nurses, pastors, psychologists, educators and others.

Another recent (a)Spire Circle was the Faith & Climate Change Circle. This group was facilitated by Rev. Dr. Timothy Murphy, who holds a PhD in Process Thought (Process theology) and works to organize faith communities to collaborate around curbing Climate Change and Dr. Jill Craven, who holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and studies atmospheric particulates (aerosols) that contribute to Climate Change.