"Rev" Small Group

Over the next couple of months we will explore the first season of the TV Series "Rev.", which is a comedy that follows the life of an Anglican Priest & his congregation (or lack thereof) in inner city London. It is a brutally funny, troubling, and honest look at life in the local church. Starting this past Wednesday 6/3 will get together every other Wednesday @ 7 PM in Alden Hall at FCC Pasadena to watch a 30 minute episode, followed by discussion.   

Here is a trailer previewing the series.

If you, or anyone you know, think this might be interesting, get back to Randy to let him know! This group is open to everyone, and is a great reason to invite people who aren't familiar with (a)Spire! The show has won several awards, and although it explores religious topics, it's very accessible to wider audiences.

Below is flyer with all the details as well.