Spreading the Word about (a)Spire at CycLAvia

Shane, Sonnet, Andy, Randy, Meagan, Timothy and Candace were out at the Cyclavia on Sunday. May 31 for various amounts of time between 8:30-4.

The CycLAvia is a bicycle/pedestrian event where several miles of city streets are closed off to cars to make room for cyclists and pedestrians. Since the event took place 3 blocks south of our church and attracted thousands of people we had a table set up with giveaway goodies and a bike-pump station for flat tires! We gave out 400+ waters, 300+ Aspire cards, and hundreds of candies, and sprayed 8 cans' worth of sunblock.

Special thanks to Sonnet & Shane for their above-and-beyond efforts organizing the whole event, including CycLAvia bingo, water and candy and big efforts pumping air!

Below are a few pictures from our day.